Mah Nishtana Magic


 Prepare your child for the Mah Nishtana Magic Show (below) by having the following items available:

❏ Scotch tape
❏ Scissors
❏ Magic Kit
❏ Have the - "Magic Kit" and the “My magical Mah Nishtana Guide Book” that you received in the envelope
❏ Have your child cut out and glue the cards from the “Magic Kit”
before the program begins
❏ Scissors
❏ Stick glue
❏ Scotch tape
❏ 1 napkin
❏ 2 colored cups (not see through)
❏ 3 pom poms (the same color) or 3 small balls of crumpled tissue paper
❏ 1 plastic coin, bottle cap or quarter
❏ 1 empty spice container or pill container